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Turning the Page: How to Store Books in Self Storage

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When packing your belongings, special consideration should be given to fragile items such as books. From rough handling, which can deform or dent covers, to sunlight which can fade the paper, your books need to protected from a range of environmental hazards when in storage. Below are some book storage tips that will help your library survive its time in storage. Damp Before you put your books into storage, it is vital that you check each book individually for signs of damp. Read More»

What to Remember When Choosing a New Mailbox for Your Business

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The mailbox attached to your business is very important, as it needs to keep letters and packages secure while still being easily accessible to your staff and holding up under extreme weather conditions. If you’re providing a commercial mailbox for a number of businesses that rent from you, it becomes even more important to choose something that will be durable and that prevents theft of mail, as you want to avoid any potential liability on your part. Read More»

How Shipping Containers Can Make Your Removal Easier

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Many removal companies offer clients the option of using shipping containers during a removal. However, some people insist on the traditional way of moving using a removal truck and they end up missing several advantages of shipping containers. This article discusses some of the benefits that you would enjoy if you used a shipping container during a removal. Hassle-free Loading  Removal trucks pose several challenges when you are loading them before a move. Read More»

Tips for Keeping Your Clothes Pristine in Self Storage

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Do you want to store your clothes while you’re travelling? Are you clearing out clothes that you don’t want to throw away?  When you put your clothes in a self-storage unit, you’ll want to make sure they come out in the same condition they went in. Follow these tips to keep your clothes pristine. Start as You Mean to Go On: Choose the Right Self Storage Facility Not all storage units are the same; you should choose a unit to suit the items you’re storing. Read More»

How to Choose a Commercial Cool Room Installation Type for Your Facility

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A commercial cool room is often needed for any type of restaurant or eating establishment, as well as many medical facilities. You may also need a cool room for your production facility in order to keep certain materials at a safe temperature overall; this can be very important if your facility includes any processes that make it hotter than average, such as welding equipment, smelting areas, and the like. When you’re ready to have a cool room installed in your facility, note a few important tips for making the right choice and having it installed properly, and then discuss these with a contractor. Read More»

Tips When Storing Furniture

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When you move, you do not always have enough available space for all of your furniture. This means that storing items like couches and mattresses in a storage unit is the best option. Before you begin piling up furniture in a storage unit, it is important for you to be aware of the most helpful storage tips that are designed to ensure that your furniture does not become damaged in any way. Read More»