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What to Remember When Choosing a New Mailbox for Your Business

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The mailbox attached to your business is very important, as it needs to keep letters and packages secure while still being easily accessible to your staff and holding up under extreme weather conditions. If you're providing a commercial mailbox for a number of businesses that rent from you, it becomes even more important to choose something that will be durable and that prevents theft of mail, as you want to avoid any potential liability on your part. Note a few things to remember when choosing new mailboxes for your business so you know you make the right choice.

1. Material

Steel is a very durable material that is difficult to cut through, but it can rust and corrode when exposed to high humidity levels and moisture. Aluminum doesn't rust so it can be a better option for mailboxes exposed to rain or high humidity levels, such as in the tropics. If you do choose aluminum for your mailbox, be sure to opt for something thick so that it can't easily be bent and pulled open with a pry bar.

2. Depth

Note the standard size of junk mail inserts today and be sure your mailbox accommodates this depth and width. While mailboxes of old needed to only accommodate letters, today's boxes should be able to hold flyers, coupon books, and other such items that are commonly sent through the mail. This is especially important if you're providing for mailboxes for several different companies, as you may stop your junk mail from being delivered but some companies want those coupons and other items. Their mailbox should be able to hold it easily without anything being folded, bent, creased, and so on.

3. Plan for parcels

It's important to plan for parcels or oversized packages when selecting a mailbox because, for every box or oversized letter that doesn't fit in the mailbox, this is a package that a mail carrier needs to deliver in person. Not only is this inconvenient for them, but it can also interrupt a receptionist or other staff member and mean a package left by the front door or on a front desk where anyone can access it. If you or any business in your complex that rents from you gets any type of parcel delivered in the mail regularly, choose an oversized box. A chute opening can also allow the package to drop down to a secured area that keeps it out of reach of others, and this can mean keeping it as secure as possible.

For more information about your options for a commercial mailbox, contact a local supplier.