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Space Utilization For The Small Shed: 2 Ideas

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In a large number of cases, homeowners are forced to work with limited space in the backyard for the construction of a new storage shed or for the installation of one that has been purchased. Working with limited space for shed construction/ installation may be challenging.

However, once the construction/installation of the shed has been done, the small size of the shed should no longer be a challenge. There are various ways through which a homeowner can ensure the maximum utilization of available space in a small storage shed. This article gives two ideas on how to go about doing this.

Invest In Perforated Storage Sheets On The Walls

If indeed it's true that necessity is the mother of invention, then whoever invented perforated hardboards must have had a small storage shed in their backyard.

Perforated storage sheets are fabricated with pre-drilled holes that are spaced evenly on the surface of the board. The pre-drilled holes serve as the area of installation for pegs and/or hooks that can be used to hold a wide variety of items (to be) stored in a small residential shed.

Common materials used in the fabrication of perforated storage sheets include hardboard, metal and wood. Perforated storage sheets made of metal are often more expensive than those made of wood and hardboard. However, because the structural strength of metal is greater than that of wood, perforated metal storage sheets are often more durable.

Perforated storage sheets are commonly used to hold items that a homeowner my need to use frequently (e.g. lawn trimmers, hammers and storage bags).

Look Behind The Door(s)

In order to maximize the use of space in a small shed, homeowners need to look at the shed in its entirety. In a large number of cases, the door(s) to a storage shed are used as just that-doors. However, a smart homeowner can manipulate storage shed doors such that the doors are able to offer additional storage space. Manipulation in this context refers to the installation racks or shelving units at the back of a storage shed door. The hooks, racks or shelving units can be used for the storage of residential cleaning equipment including shovels and rakes, hardware items such as screws and nails and even canned gardening/landscaping supplies.

From the two ideas discussed above, a homeowner would be right to conclude that the key to maximum utilization of space in a small shed lies in making maximum use of vertical space within the storage shed.