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Tips for Keeping Your Clothes Pristine in Self Storage

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Do you want to store your clothes while you're travelling? Are you clearing out clothes that you don't want to throw away?  When you put your clothes in a self-storage unit, you'll want to make sure they come out in the same condition they went in. Follow these tips to keep your clothes pristine.

Start as You Mean to Go On: Choose the Right Self Storage Facility

Not all storage units are the same; you should choose a unit to suit the items you're storing. When storing fabric, leather and fur, choose a climate-controlled unit -- you want a consistent temperature all year round. A cooler temperature will lessen the likelihood of you ending up with mould and mildew laden clothes. It will also help prevent fur from moulting and leather from drying out.

Preparation Is the Key: Wash Your Clothes before Storage

Clean clothes thoroughly before placing them in storage. Dirty clothes will contain bacteria and may contain organic matter that attracts insects like beetles and moths. Starch can also attract bugs, so don't use it on clothes you're going to store. Natural fibres such as wool and cotton are attractive to pests. Make sure these are especially clean before placing them in suitable containers.

Not All Packaging Is Created Equally: Choose the Right Containers

The preparation of clothes is the first step; appropriate containers is the next. Appropriate containers are crucial to ensure your clothes remain in top condition. Don't use vacuum- sealed bags. This type of packaging may save space but creates an environment where mould can grow. Clothing should be packed in plastic containers with adequate ventilation, with furs being hung in wardrobe boxes. Use non-rusting hangers for all hanging clothes and allow plenty of space between them.

To reduce moisture within the containers, use silica packs. They are the type you find in shoe boxes and will suck up moisture keeping it away from your clothes. Acid-free tissue paper can be used to separate items of clothing. Many storage facilities have in-house shops where you can buy specialist packing boxes, papers and silica. Placing cedar blocks in the containers with your clothes will deter insects and moths. This natural method is preferable to chemical insect repellents and moth balls as it will not leave an odour on your clothes.

Making Life Easy: Labelling Boxes

If you're planning to store clothes for a long time and remove them all together, then labelling may not be important. However, when storing seasonal clothes that are retrieved in batches, labels will help save you time.  Pack seasonal clothes and accessories together in labelled boxes. If you're storing clothes for the whole family, label boxes with the name of the individual and the items contained inside.