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Tips When Storing Furniture

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When you move, you do not always have enough available space for all of your furniture. This means that storing items like couches and mattresses in a storage unit is the best option. Before you begin piling up furniture in a storage unit, it is important for you to be aware of the most helpful storage tips that are designed to ensure that your furniture does not become damaged in any way. 


The first thing that you need to look for is a storage unit that offers climate control. The ability to store your furniture in an environment where the temperature can be controlled is the key to reducing the amount of damage that occurs to the material. If you are looking to protect your furniture against a musty smell being embedded into the material, it is best to only store your furniture in a unit that offers climate control.


You might assume that placing a plastic covering over your couch or mattress is the best way to protect it from insects or damage of any type, but plastic is not the ideal covering material to use when you are storing furniture for any length of time. Plastic is not breathable and it will result in moisture becoming trapped within the material of the furniture. This will often result in an odour overtaking your furniture that will be difficult to remove.

You need to cover your furniture with something that offers proper ventilation. This means that it is best to use sheets or soft linens to cover your furniture items when you place them in storage. This is sufficient enough to protect against dust and scratching, but will not result in moisture becoming trapped.

Air Flow

It is also important for you to be aware of how you pack your storage unit when you begin adding furniture items. You need to be sure that there is proper airflow between all furniture items. This means that there does need to be some space left in between the furniture items that you are storing. It is possible for you to pack your storage unit efficiently, but also have ideal airflow.

Not only do you want space between the furniture items themselves, but you also want space to be present under all furniture. This means that no furniture should be placed directly on the floor of the storage unit. Everything should be lifted at least slightly from the ground. This is important if you are looking to protect your furniture against potential flood damage.