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Minimise the Risk of Your Tank Water Freezing With These Tips

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Although rainwater harvesting is steadily being adopted in Australian households, not many homeowners consider the risk of their water tank freezing during the colder months. And despite the fact that Australia is famed for its warm climate, the temperatures can drop significantly low during the winter, and this could hinder you from using your harvested water. The first measure you can take is to have a large tank, such as one with 5000-gallon tank capacity or more. Read More»

Two reasons to use a self-storage facility

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Self-storage facilities provide storage units of varying sizes to those who need somewhere safe to keep their belongings. Items can be left in these facilities for a few days, months, or even years, if required. Here are two specific reasons why you might want to put some of your possessions into a storage unit or storage locker. You’re building your own home Many people who choose to build their own homes opt to stay in temporary accommodation whilst the construction process is carried out. Read More»