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Two reasons to use a self-storage facility

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Self-storage facilities provide storage units of varying sizes to those who need somewhere safe to keep their belongings. Items can be left in these facilities for a few days, months, or even years, if required. Here are two specific reasons why you might want to put some of your possessions into a storage unit or storage locker.

You're building your own home

Many people who choose to build their own homes opt to stay in temporary accommodation whilst the construction process is carried out. Unfortunately, most forms of temporary accommodation (such as a mobile home located on the construction site, a hotel room or a family member's home) are not large enough to store all of a person's belongings.

Even in instances where there is some storage space available (for example, if you're staying with a relative who allows you to put your items into their empty garage), there is a risk that your belongings could end up being damaged by moisture or extreme temperatures. Furthermore, a garage is not the safest place in which to store your valuable possessions; garages are generally considered to be a vulnerable security point in most properties and as such, are often the first place that criminals try to break into when burglarising a house.

In this scenario, it would be far more sensible to put your items into a storage unit. Most storage facilities come equipped with round-the-clock surveillance (in the form of security guards and CCTV cameras) as well as high-tech alarm systems, meaning that there is virtually no risk of your items being stolen.

Moreover, unlike a damp, poorly-insulated garage, most storage units in these facilities feature climate-control technology; this means that your items won't be subjected to humidity and temperature fluctuations that could potentially destroy them.

You're a university student who is returning home for the summer break

If you live in university-owned accommodation which you are required to move out of during the summer months, then you will need to take all of your belongings out of your room before you leave. Dragging all of the items that you have accumulated over the last few academic terms back to your parents' home can be hugely time-consuming and tiring. It can also feel quite frustrating, as you know you will need to lug them back to your university in just a few weeks' time.

In this situation, it might be worth putting any items that you don't intend to use over the summer into a self-storage facility. This will spare you the hassle of having to take things that will be of no use to you during the summertime back to your family home.

You don't necessarily have to rent out an enormous storage unit for your items, particularly if the goods you wish to store are relatively compact. Some textbooks, stationery, your study notes and a few clothing items should all fit quite neatly into a storage locker. Due to their small size, storage lockers are very affordable and, as such, are ideal if, like most students, you are on a tight budget.