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Shipping Containers for Many Uses

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When buying shipping containers, many people often consider size and price. While these two considerations are important, there are several other things you may want to look at when on a shipping container sales site. One important factor is container type. Unknown to many people, there are more than ten different container types available for different purposes and conveniences. The following are just but some of the containers that could be useful to you for your intended shipping container use. Whether new, customized or used, pay attention to them  when searching for containers on a shipping container sales site.

Flat rack containers

When looking for shipping container sales, you may want to check these out. Flat rack containers are particularly useful when you need to transport goods that will require offloading either from the top or the sides. With flat racks, only the bottom and two sides are completely closed. The top, and both front and back can be opened up making loading and off-loading quite easy from multiple directions.

Open top containers

As the name suggests, open-top containers are sealed on all sides except the top. Open-top containers are usually ideal when you need to transfer bulky equipment that will have to be loaded from the top, or will exceed container heights once loaded. Usually, the open top can be sealed using a tarp secured by ropes along the top sides. An open top container is also a good conversion container that can be used to make an office or build a home with different roof styles.

Tunnel containers

These are very useful containers that make the process of loading and off-loading goods simplified. With tunnel containers , doors can be opened from both front and back, making them ideal when site restrictions make offloading difficult. With doors like this, the containers can be backed into many positions and the other door still remains accessible for loading and off-loading.

Open side containers

When looking at shipping container sales, you may want to look out for open sides as well. Open side containers have sides that can open as doors. This is particularly essential to people who require to transport very wide goods that exceed regular container widths. The open sides can also be beneficial to the loading process making it simpler.

Thermal and refrigerated containers

Of course, you cannot finish your search for shipping container sales without looking at refrigerated and thermal containers. These containers are fitted with temperature controls that can be adjusted for just about anything. From fish, to horticulture, even upholstery, you can transport just about anything at the right regulated temperature for the particular cargo.