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Cool Room Installation Tips

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Do you run a food business? If you do, product spoilage could be a concern since foods have a short shelf life. Standard refrigerators might not have adequate storage space to store your entire inventory. If this is your case, you should consider installing a cool room on your premises. 

So, what is a cool room? It is a room with a refrigeration unit that keeps products at low temperatures to prevent spoilage. Below is an extract detailing the considerations to make when installing a cool room. 

Determine A Suitable Size

One of your concerns would be the size of the cool room. Two factors determine the room's size. First, assess your storage needs. For instance, how much inventory do you intend to store in the cool room? The secret is to establish whether you want to scale your operations in the future. If this is the case, you could consider a larger cool room than what you currently need. You must also assess the size of your premises. For instance, if you build a large unit in a small space, you might have to scale down operations since you have a small working area. Moreover, your staff could have trouble accessing the unit. 

Go For Reliable Refrigeration Units 

What refrigeration unit will you use in the cool room? Conduct due diligence to determine the features and durability of various refrigeration units on the market. For instance, check the unit's temperature range. A wide temperature range allows you to store different types of foods in the cool room. Moreover, assess its servicing protocols to know whether it can run for long hours without breaking down. Customer ratings and expert reviews on refrigeration blogs can help you assess the system's reliability. Check the availability of replacement parts and repair services within your locality. This way, you have access to emergency repair services in your locality. Finally, consider units with a humidity control feature that helps extend the shelf life of items inside the cool room. 

Considerations When Building The Cool Room

Where do you intend to place the cool room? Ideally, cool rooms should be built away from direct sunlight. Moreover, they should not be close to hot areas such as boilers and fryers. Cool rooms are built using insulated panels. The general rule is to ensure that the panels do not have any gaps that could cause temperature loss during operation. Install gaskets around the doors to prevent air infiltration. You should also decide on the features of the cool room. For example, you could opt for sliding doors to save space and ensure easy access. Moreover, you could incorporate mirrors that allow you to see products from the outside. This way, you do not have to enter the cool room frequently.  

For more info about cool room installation, contact a local company.