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Moving in With Your Partner? You'll Need a Storage Unit

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When you fall in love, one of the most exciting steps in your relationship is moving in with your new partner. While the moving in process is exciting, it does come with some logistical challenges. If you both have your own furniture and goods, you'll need to decide how to blend them. Here are some of the ways a storage unit could help.

Extra Space for You Both

Regardless of which person's home will become both of your homes, you're going to need space for all of your goods. Hiring a storage unit means you both have space for placing your excess items. Or, if you're moving house quickly and you haven't had a chance to decide which pieces of furniture you'll both be keeping, it can buy you more time to make your decision. Having a unit is also useful if one of you has a hobby with equipment that takes up a lot of space. If you hire one that's close to your home and has easy access, you can store your hobby equipment there and make room for each other's stuff.

Accommodating Home Businesses

If one of you runs a business from home, moving in together could mean that you no longer have space for essential stock. However, if a storage unit is within easy reach then you can hire one and use it as an extension of your usual working space. Storage facilities usually benefit from tight security and measures that keep items safe during adverse weather events. By using one to store your home business materials, you can continue with your usual activities without encroaching on your partner's space too much. Having a unit also means you can expand your business without worrying about how your new property will accommodate it.

Giving You Time to Sell

You may realise that neither of you needs to hang onto all the items you owned before moving in together. If you want to enhance your financial future, selling some of them could prove useful. If you want to maximise the amount of money you make, you won't rush the selling process. Hiring a unit gives you time to photograph and market the items you're selling. As a result, you and your partner will have some money set aside for starting your new life together.

Finally, should the worst happen, holding onto your furniture in a storage unit means you still have everything should the two of you choose to break up.