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3 Questions to Ask Yourself When Renting a Storage Unit

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Choosing a storage unit is not as easy as one would think. Today, there is a wide range of self-storage options. As such, you might be overwhelmed when deciding what storage option they should consider. Below are some questions you should ask yourself when renting a self-storage unit. Hopefully, they will ease your search for a storage unit. 

1. What Do You Intend To Store In The Unit? 

Below are a few ways that the answers to these questions will influence your choice of the storage unit.

The Size Of Unit

Typically, you will need a large unit if you plan to store a lot of items. You are likely to rent a small unit if you do not have many items to store. However, this is an oversight since your storage needs will increase over time. As such, it would be wise to rent a slightly larger unit. 

The Type Of Unit

Most storage companies are very particular about what you can store in your rented unit. Typically, they will prohibit corrosive chemicals, ammunition, and perishable products. If you intend to keep these items, you should consider installing a storage shed on your property. 

The Features Of The Unit

Storage companies design each unit to meet a specific need. For example, some units have climate control to reduce humidity. These units would be ideal for a client who intend to store documents, furniture, and paintings. If you plan to store valuables, go for a unit with CCTV, an alarm, and a restricted access system. 

2. How Close Do You Want The Unit?

Storage companies offer onsite and offsite storage solutions. An onsite storage unit is a conventional shipping container that is converted into a storage unit. The storage company will place this container on your premises to serve as a storage unit. On the other hand, offsite storage can either be outdoor or indoor. The difference between these options is that you can drive your car to the entrance of an offsite unit.  

3. Do You Require Extra Services? 

There is a wide range of services provided by storage companies. For instance, some companies will offer removal services to clients who do not have the resources to transport their items to an offsite storage site. Some offsite storage units offer long-term parking and co-working spaces for their clients. Additionally, the company could provide full-service storage at an extra cost. 

When renting a storage unit, decide what you intend to store, determine the location of the unit and determine the need for extra services.