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Tips for disposing of old furniture efficiently

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Usually, you dispose of furniture when you relocate, downsize or upgrade your furniture. When this happens, you need to know how to dispose of old furniture properly. The condition of your furniture and the removal options available play a role in furniture removal. Before you can dispose of your furniture efficiently, you need to assess what state it is in. Old furniture that is still intact can be donated to charity, but broken down furniture should be thrown away. To dispose of furniture, use the following tips:

1. Donate!

You can donate old furniture to charity if it doesn't need repairs, it's free from any odours and stains, and free from any infestation of pests. You can find a charity within your local area that accepts donations and even picks them up from your home. Before you can throw away any old furniture, look into donation centres and determine what kind of furniture they accept. Some charities don't accept furniture like mattresses due to health concerns, as well as office furniture as it doesn't sell easily. You may find that the cost of donating is cheaper than dumping your furniture. Some charities even provide tax receipts for the furniture you donate.

2. Sell your furniture

To you, old furniture may seem useless but it may be valuable to someone else. You can hold a garage sale and sell off furniture at reasonable prices. Broken down furniture can be refurbished and sold at a good price. You can also repaint it to improve its aesthetic appeal. You can also advertise the furniture online and get a few bids before choosing the best one. Some people, however, don't have the patience to sell their furniture online and don't like the hassle of buyers in their home looking at their furniture.

3. Re-purpose and recycle

At times, you find that you don't want to give away or sell your furniture, and this is okay. But how will you dispose of the old furniture? You can use a little creativity to re-purpose furniture you're too attached to. You can convert wooden chairs into nightstands with a few DIY skills, and use an old sofa on your back porch. Re-purposing furniture is only limited to your imagination. In addition, you can recycle and reuse materials inside some furniture to avoid wastage. You can also dispose of furniture at junk disposal companies that will recycle and dispose of your furniture properly. Old furniture can be recycled in the same way as residential junk.